Women are Sound Policymakers and Natural Change agents, the Ekwunife theory

Women are Sound Policymakers and Natural Change agents, the Ekwunife theory
Senator Uche Ekwunife leading a group of Women Advocates for the Support of Women in Governance

Beyond clamouring for women participation in governance, Senator Uche EKWUNIFE has over the past decade taken bold steps to be a WOMAN in government.

In politics, it is one thing to contest, its another to win but then it’s a different ball game to PERFORM and meet the yearnings of the people upon whose mandate you rode on.

Senator Uche EKWUNIFE remains at the forefront of women participation in politics, She has not been found wanting in all three regards aforementioned.

As a member of House of Reps, EKWUNIFE was Chairman, House Committee on Environment, within same period, she was the LEADER of Anambra Caucus in the house, which was made up of the ELEVEN Lawmakers from Anambra State. She represented Anambra State in the constitution review committee of the 7th Assembly; Inclusive, she was the LEADER of the Caucus of her party at the green chamber.

As Ekwunife moved to the Senate, she earned the lucrative position of Chairman Senate Committee on Petroleum Downstream – the first female Senator and South eastern Legislator to Chair such a viable Committee in the Senate.

Umunne m, ndi ANAMBRA CENTRAL, in the words of the popular US Boxer, Floyed Mayweather: Men Lie, Women Lie But Figures (Facts) Don’t Lie.

Senator Ekwunife has proven her worth – her weight of performance is factual and impressive.

Let’s support a woman of CHARACTER,
…a proven PERFORMER;

Support Senator Uche EKWUNIFE.
…for Senate Anambra Central