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[Video] Uproar in Aba as ‘Biafrans’ resist Nnamdi Kanu’s arrest

[Video] Uproar in Aba as 'Biafrans' resist Nnamdi Kanu's arrest

A facebook user and an eyewitness, Sagegodson Odum who witnessed the Aba incident wrote this on his facebook timeline:


There’s an uproar at ‘MAIN PARK’, ‘ABA’, following the failed attempt to arrest ‘NNAMDI KANU’ at ‘UMUAHIA’.

The army check-point there was destroyed while the military men were trying to protect the ‘HAUSA’S’ from the angry ‘BIAFRAN’S’.

Also, at ‘URATTA’ junction, scores of the northerners were seriously injured, though I wasn’t there.”

See also: IPOB members troop to Umuahia in defence of Nnamdi Kanu

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