Tony Nwoye and Cultism: When the hunter becomes the hunted – by Stanley Onwuchekwe

Tony Nwoye and Cultism: When the hunter becomes the hunted - by Stanley Onwuchekwe
Tony Nwoye

The story of Dr. Tony Nwoye, Anambra APC governorship candidate as a cultist can be likened to the case of the proverbial hunter which turned the hunted. Those peddling the rumor I think were doubtless handicapped by lack of argument and frustration in matching Tony’s intimidating profile. So what do they do? In a contemptible exhibition of deception and mischief they had to concoct a series of scurrilous verbal attacks on Dr Tony. Unfortunately, many of them hoped that all readers of their lies would be gullible and easily duped by falsehood. They never counted on people sniffing out their bazaar of lies. As it turned out, many were knowledgeable enough about Dr. Tony’s activities as a student leader on account of which he is been labeled a cultist.

Now, setting the records straight, Tony Nwoye during his days as a student leader in the University of Nigeria, Nsukka fought cultism with vigor. It is a known fact and the records are there. He earned for himself an award from the then Vice Chancellor of University of Nigeria, Nsukka, Prof. Ginigeme Mbanefo, as an outstanding student leader for his role in combating Cultism. He later took the war against cultism and criminality to a higher level when he emerged as the President of National Association of Nigerian Student.

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It was a war he fought even to the detriment of his life, yet he recorded resounding victories. Do I need to tell you that the former Inspector General of Police, Tafa Balogun conferred on Tony a national honor for his sterling leadership role which drastically reduced cult-related activities in the nation’s tertiary institutions? Tony spent greater part of his life as a student leader fighting cultism; and now associating the scourge with him could be a case of a hunter becoming the hunted or a measure of the depth of deception reigning in the lying hearts and sick minds of his accusers.

As serious as some of these merchants of lies sound on this issue, one begins to wonder if they ever knew that cultism is a serious crime in Nigeria and members do not walk free in the street with their identity’s known.

Now tell me, if Tony is a cultist wouldn’t he have been behind bars? Can a known cultist be cleared to contest election in Nigeria? Can he be a lawmaker and be making laws for the country? Can a party like APC, with her zeal in fighting corruption clear a cultist to contest a gubernatorial election and declare him the winner?
I think those accusing Tony of being a cultist should better come up with any damaging report (if any) against him or drop this malicious allegation and face the reality that he is a candidate to beat in the Anambra guber poll. They should go into the issue of governance and his programs and activities for the state and not dwelling on rumor mongering and character assassination.

Anambra at present is beset by myriads of crises. Those who took exultant pleasure in deplorable and deceitful acts should please quit. What should occupy our minds now is the intellectual capacity of the candidates in providing solutions to our problems and not merchandizing falsehood in an effort to bring any of them down.

Among the serious contenders in the race to Agu Awka on Nov. 18th, Dr. Tony Nwoye is the only one I can truly say understands our problems and has prepared adequately for the task ahead. He should be engaged on what he can do for the state and not on baseless allegations.

Stanley Ike Onwuchekwe

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