Tony Nwoye: An argument for common sense – by Obi Trice Emeka

Politics of Calumny against Tony Nwoye Unfit, Please Acquit
Tony Nwoye

There is a raging argument in the Anambra political sphere – can there be a good candidate in a wrong party? A lot of persons think that there are good candidates who will make good leaders but their choice of political party should be considered above their leadership qualities.

All over the world, the ideological differences between political parties keep eroding and converging to a singular purpose – issues affecting their people at the time. It was not in the strength of the Republican party that Donald Trump won Hillary Clinton and the Democrats, it was simply on the strength of his proposition in security, Immigration and the economy. What mattered was issues and not party affiliation.

In Nigeria, we all know there’s no ideological difference between all of the political parties. It’s just a collection of individuals with a singular purpose – power. How the power is to be used for the benefit of all depends on the individual

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A political party is just nothing but a vehicle to the seat of power; that’s why politicians switch parties at will in search of vehicles with quicker velocity to their destination. It doesn’t matter which vehicle you board on your travel to power, what matters is what you can do when you achieve power! Wether you travel to Lagos by night bus,trailer, Air conditioned bus or an airplane it doesn’t matter, what matters is what you will achieve when you get to Lagos. This is the reality of Nigerian politics.

In Anambra, Mbadinuju failed with the PDP yet Ngige succeeded with the same party. Peter Obi did well with APGA yet Obiano has failed with the same party. Ambode and few others are doing well with APC while some has failed with the same APC. The truth is; what matter is the leadership abilities of the individual; the party can only get you to power and that’s is that!

I will rather focus my energy on evaluating the quality of the candidates than getting carried away in the faux pas of party attractiveness. It’s the candidate who will govern and manage the resources of the state and not the party. The party can slip into oblivion anyday but the quality of the candidate will ever remain intact.

For the so many of my friends who admire and love the leadership abilities of Tony Nwoye, this is for you. Regardless of party; Tony has remained resolute in issues involving the masses, he’s a dogged fighter for justice and ever passionate about equal development opportunities for all, he will never change no matter the party. He remains who he has always being- a friend to all.

All the candidates for this election are well meaning ndi Anambra none is from distant ethnic groups. All have contributed one way or another to the progress of the state. It’s a battle between brothers, we should ignore the distractions and evaluate each candidate on leadership abilities.

Tony is a thoroughbred leader who understands the state more than any other candidate: an Nsugbe son, born in Onitsha south and schooled in Onitsha north and married to the prettiest lady Obosi has ever had.

Tony is a son of the soil, tested and certified.

Obi Trice Emeka

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