South-East Tech-Queen Celebrates Birthday, Promises to train more girls in Tech.

Onyinyechi Nmecha

In today’s tech driven world, life runs faster than a bullet train. Before we know it, we are at the end of our journey and when we look back, we realize that the purpose of traveling has already been lost. Our love ones may have been by our side throughout the journey but we never took the chance to cherish some moments with them.

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One of the ways of making each moment memorable with your loved ones is to value their birthdays. No matter how old a person is and how much they try to show that they don’t find anything special in their birthdays now, except that it proves that they are ageing, they still want you to remember that day and do something special. Something that’s never been done before or something that’s been done a million times, but still is a valuable cliché that it can be reincarnated in our memories.

Onyinyechi Nmecha, CEO, Extraclass Nigeria Limited

Today, we caught up with Onyinyechi Nmecha, a Tech-Queen resident in the South-Eastern part of Nigeria who also doubles as the CEO of Extraclass – a global educational marketplace for learning and teaching where students are mastering new skills and achieving their goals by learning from an extensive library of hosted courses taught by expert instructors or by hiring an expert instructor for home tutoring. as well as the Founder of SheTechEast – A non-governmental organisation focused on training young girls and women from an undeserved areas of South East Nigeria, Technological Skills.

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Being her birthday, Onyinyechi shared her life journey with us as well as her effort in making other young girls and women embrace technological skills as a viable tool for socio-economic development. She shared the story behind her Platform Extraclass as well as her plans for the Next big thing in South-East Nigeria.

No doubt Onyinyechi is one of the most outstanding female Tech person in South-East and has been over the time proven a track record of innovation, diligence, commitment and Excellence. She is an inspiration to many and her giant contributions in the entrepreneurship ecosystem in South-east is evident.

She vows to add her quota in drastically reducing unemployment in Nigeria as well as increasing academic productivity and standard of living.

Asking her to specifically state how she plans to do that, she said: “I grew up in Nigeria, I have not left this country since birth, I have traveled to most part of the country and i have seen the major cause of unemployment. I will not unveil my plans entirely now but, just keep your eyes fixed on what will become of us in the next few months.

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Also the beta version of my platform is ready with new features and functionalities and we hope to launch it in the next few days. We choose to break the status quo and we are doing something extra-ordinary”.

Onyinyechi Nmecha

People like Onyinyechi who have written their name on the sands of time will be celebrated for ages.

If you make the unconditional commitment to reach your most important goals, if the strength of your decision is sufficient, you will find the way and the power to achieve your goals.