Re: Tony Nwoye As A Glorified Area Boy – By Igboeli Arinze

Re: Tony Nwoye As A Glorified Area Boy - By Igboeli Arinze
Hon Tony Nwoye with constituents

I recently had the misfortune of stumbling upon an article written by one Harris Chuma ( Remember him? The self styled Facebook APC guber aspirant who defected to APGA after collecting agbada and a few bags of rice) , the article left us with much to worry about, not because it made much sense, far from it, it was rather a rambling of conceited thoughts assumed as opinion, earning my sympathy and the sympathy of those who wasted their time reading such. For starters, the opening line is self contradicting, when he says” he had opted out to critically observe” ? Opted out of what? Isn’t this a problem of syntax? This naturally would have been forgiven but it repeats itself again when he alleges that he “maintained a no distanced angle though”

As if that is not enough, the bearded thespian whose only acclaim to fame is that he starred in an unimaginative movie where he played a short, two minute role as a herbalist commits a number of fallacies. At first, he pole vaults of a cliff by alleging that Nwoye lacks the requisite skills to play modern day Anambra politics which in turn has pitched him against the discerning people of Anambra State. How he arrives at such a conclusion is worrisome, since Harris’s view is very likely to be biased and not helpful to the reader nor his principal.

Harris now unveils the wordsmith in him, a poor one for that matter when he employs high fallutin words like suspenseful , tipsily basking (Kindly note that there is no such word as tipsily), euphoria, political utopianism( Whatever that means) he then unleashes the ogbunigwe when he pens the following:

“A dangerous trait of character aptly defined by bookmakers( Which one, is it Nairabet or BetNaija) as political opportunistic!”

Political opportunistic! Shouldn’t it be opportunism? Haba, this is heart rendering, but could it be that Harris’s English teachers did a bad job? Thus the resultant consequences in what we with mixed feelings read here today?

For progress, let me pretend not to notice the grammatical mines laden in Harris’s article and deal with the little substance left in the piece.

Harris accuses Nwoye of attempting to bring in political hooliganism into the state, he alleges that Nwoye is a lonely captain in a destined sinking ship, harping that a number of the APC’s political strongmen are likely to betray him come November 18.

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Sadly, it sounds to me that Harris is indeed deluded, now assuming Nwoye wants to bring in hooliganism into the state, I bet he will have with him fellow “hooligans” including the likes of Harris Chuma, thus how can he then be the lonely captain of a sinking ship with the likes of George Moghalu, Osy Ezenwa, Chris Ngige, Azuka Okwuosa, George Ozodinobi, Hyacinth Nweke, Charles Amilo, Basil Ejidike, Obinna Uzoh, Paul Chukwuma, Phil Agbasi, Calista Nwachukwu, Chike Obidigbo, Barrister Zokas, Honourable Okonkwo Okom, Oliver Ezeobi, Emeka Nwogbo, Ozo Ughamdau, Barrister Tagbo Ike, Nestor Okoro, and a host of other stakeholders, including the mass element of the APC in Anambra, the party’s biggest factor? If Tony is a lonely captain and the APC a sinking ship, why is APGA in nervous jitters over Nwoye’s candidature? Why did Obiano, Harris’s pay master go cap in hand to plead with Buhari?

He then descends to the level of a magpie, crowing that Nwoye is a glorified “Area Boy” , asking what are his achievements in the House of Representatives. He alleges that whenever he sees Nwoye’s face which he describes as urgly with a luciferous mien , sadistic ,bla, bla bla. Harris forgets that quote from Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar , that ” There’s no art to find the mind’s construction in the face ” if it were so then perhaps what would we believe when we look at Harris Chuma’s face, hunger, poverty, cluelessness, frustration and pettiness! On Nwoye’s achievements, Harris is indeed the architect of his own misfortune otherwise he would not have tread foot on this heavily mined ground: where Nwoye’s bills on the establishment of the College of Education Nsugbe as a Federal University of Education; The Bill to Authorise the provision of free pre natal and post natal healthcare bill for all pregnant women in the country and A Bill for an Act to amend the NDDC Act to include Anambra State as a member of NDDC. Harris Chuma must note that Nwoye wasn’t sworn in with his peers having come to the green chambers through a protracted battle in the courts! One then wonders what Nwoye would have done if he had been sworn in earlier?

Comparing track records, Nwoye surely outruns the outgoing governor who doubles as Harris’s principal, Willie Obiano, from his days in NANS to becoming the Chairman of PDP unto his membership of the House of Representatives. Harris must not also forget that Nwoye has now twice been a guber aspirant, a wonderful feat at such an age, now I advise Harris that till he manages the feat of becoming a President General aspirant of the Ogbunike community, he should resist the temptation of asking such questions that will largely earn him derision!

Harris wonders why Nwoye will accuse Obiano of looting funds belonging to the Anambra people, this is baffling, one wonders what words he wants Obiano to be qualified with? What do you call a man who cannot account for over 475 billion Naira of funds that has accrued to the state, I haven’t even mentioned the accruals from the Paris Club refunds?

Harris knows that Anambra cannot afford another term for hedonistic principal in the person of Chief Willie Obiano, a man who has taken debauchery to unknown levels never witnessed before in the state, to the extent that even the fabricated tales of the Nwobodo era will be mere child’s play compared with what goes on in Agu Awka presently. Thus the employment of such scarecrow tactics!

I challenge Harris to come up with evidence of any kind linking Nwoye to the carnage that occurred in Anambra in 2005, note that I say any kind due to the fact that such stories are mere lies meant to demonise the candidature and the person of Nwoye.

Harris finally tugs at the histrionics of rigging and attempts to appropriate Ojukwu’s dynasty as Obiano’s. The former would have gained some sympathy if his principal was popular, sadly it is the other way round and smacks of the situation where a thief calls the owner of a farm thief, the latter is indeed apparent falsehood as there is no way Obiano will be grafted unto such dynasty since he negates everything Ikemba stood for.

If the saying that all that begins well ends well is true then it must be also true that all that starts poorly will end up poorly if not abysmally. This largely sums up Harris Chuma’s write up as one fit for garbage cans, in attempting to demonise Nwoye, he unconsciously celebrates him , elevating him beyond his own principal whose days as governor of Anambra State is surely numbered!

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