Is politics a full time Job? – An objective look at Victor Umeh’s long walk to the Senate

Is politics a full time Job? - An objective look at Victor Umeh's long walk to the Senate

In 2014, I read one of Nelson Mandela’s best sellers, titled, Long Walk to Freedom. In the book, Mandela narrated his 27 years ordeal while in prison.

While Nelson Mandela and Victor Umeh, on most indices, cannot be judged as similar personalities, Umeh has certainly seen it all, in terms of taking the longest route to achieving his Senatorial ambition.

2014, the year I read Mandela’s book is now four years ago, interestingly, it was the same year Umeh declared his intention to contest for the Senate ahead of the March 2015 general elections.

I haven’t really had a personal contact with Chief Victor Umeh, but then, Chief Umeh, just like every other man, is known in two ways – for what those who have had a personal contact with him know him, and for what those who haven’t had a personal relationship with him know him.

For those of us who are of the later class, the information dominant in our space is that the former APGA National Chairman is greedy and somewhat tyrannical.

In our space, we are meant to believe that Chief Victor Umeh is not the ideal definition of a good man. But then, my rational mind keeps wandering why the 55 year old Chief of many titles has enjoyed reasonable political success since he ventured into the political space.

Those who follow Anambra state politics should be cognizant of Chief Umeh’s journey to political stardom. Umeh, a one time Treasurer in PDP, a former National Treasurer of APGA and then the National Chairman for thirteen years, is at the moment, unequivocally having a season of political boom.

Regardless of your political inclination and bias, Umeh and his APGA faithfuls have recorded good success, owing to their victories from recent political and legal conquests.

Umeh, who appears to be that personality everyone doesn’t like, is the same personality that everyone still has to contend with. He has remained a political force, refusing to be pushed away.

Information available in the public domain suggests that Chief Umeh is a full time politician who has excelled mainly through the wheels of politics. He has invested time, knowledge and energy in political endeavors and has in return ‘earned’ his reward.

Those who do not see politics as a main-stay, may now have to look at Umeh and the several Umeh’s out there and reassess their stance. Since Umeh hasn’t really held a public office before now, one cannot hold him culpable of stealing public funds – he has provided services that certain people in and out of government were willing to pay for, and will, bearing any unforeseen circumstances represent the good people of Anambra Central at the Senate.

By Kingsley Chukwuemeka Ubani