Why People Say I Am Stingy – Peter Obi

Why People Say I Am Stingy – Peter Obi
Peter Obi

The former governor, who was a guest on Channels Television’s political satire ‘The Other News’, said people believed he was stingy because he was prudent in managing public funds.

“It all depends on what you are stingy about,” he said during the first episode of the second season of the programme which aired on Thursday.

“It is not the issue of perception, it is the issue of ‘you are managing public money’. When you are talking about public money, public money must be used for public good.

“it’s not Peter Obi’s personal money, it is money meant to rebuild the schools, it is money meant to constrict roads, it is money meant to provide health facilities, and it is money meant to support small business,” Obi added.

He further stressed the need for leaders to develop the country by providing the needed infrastructure and quality invest in education among others.

This he said he took seriously while in office, and even after the end of his tenure as Anambra State governor, adding that he had been supporting schools to improve the standard of learning.

“Even Peter Obi’s money; I use it for good purpose and that’s why today, I visit schools. It is not for individuals, I put it in education.

“Every month, I visit at least three to four schools all over Nigeria supporting them to rebuild their infrastructure, to ensure that there are chairs for kids who go to school; that’s what money is meant for,” the governor maintained.

He was also worried about the recent activities of human traffickers and slave traders reported in Libya and called on government at all levels to ensure the people are meaningfully engaged.

Obi said: ”It is a very sad story – what government does to people is to give them hope. So, when people do not have hope, they have no alternative than to go to wherever they think there is hope.”