Ozubulu Health Care Service Uproar; Another Reason Ndi Anambra Desire Tony Nwoye – by Stanley Onwuchekwe

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Yesterday the people of Anambra were thrown into a pandemonium following a rumor sponsored by the Gov. Willie Obiano led APGA government to scuttle the health care services embarked upon by the Nigerian Army in the state.

Obiano’s action was wickedly intended to score cheap political point and equally to dissuade the populace from partaking in the health-care service because he feared it might expose his failure in the sector.

Though, the governor and the army of his media warriors succeeded in creating the unfavorable atmosphere in the social media which they only needed to stop the army from going about this selfless service but that does not remove the fact that quality health is a fundamental right of all citizens.

Until recently Nigerians never had it so good health-wise. The APC federal government led by President Buhari on assumption of office on May 29th 2015 took some far reaching measures towards revitalizing the health care system in the country. Since then the government has coordinated more effectively the work of the numerous federal healthcare agencies in the country and have strengthened the health workforce. Our teaching hospitals across the country have equally been receiving government attention.

Recently, the federal government initiated a move to rebuild 10,000 Primary Health Care centers in Nigeria, this was in line with the agenda of the APC led Government in the Health Sector. This action when completed will no doubt give Nigerians, particularly those living in the rural areas and our vulnerable population such as women, children more access to quality health care service. It is the goal of the federal government to ensure that quality basic health care services are delivered to majority of Nigerians irrespective of their location in the country.

In Anambra today, there was no visible effort by APGA government led by Gov. Willie Obiano to improve on the health care delivering system in the state.

Therefore it is expected that an incumbent seeking for a second tenure in office will not allow a federal government agency being controlled by another party to implement any program in the state successfully in the period of election.

Primary Health Care Centers in Anambra state are in comatose. Health institutions are understaffed with no adequate health facilities. Workers in the system are grossly underpaid. The state teaching hospital built by the former governor, Mr. Peter Obi is still yet to secure license to operate optimally and the incumbent seemed not bothered. So when the army came up to rescue the situation it became incumbent on Gov. Obiano to stop them.

But the good news is that every Anambra person today is desirous of ensuring victory for the APC Governorship candidate, Hon. Dr. Tony Nwoye, who is equally a medical doctor in the November poll in the state for him to effectively run a model of health care services of federal government in the state.

Ndi Anambra wants a total revamp of health care in the state where quality health care services would be obtained at affordable cost with ease which Tony and APC government will do.

The future is now.

A vote for Dr. Tony is vote for better health care services in Anambra State.

Stanley Onwuchekwe
Writes from Awka

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