NOVEMBER 18: APC, APGA and the Miracle of 21 over 21 – by Kingsley Ubani

NOVEMBER 18: APC, APGA and the Miracle of 21 over 21 - by Kingsley Ubani

Anambra governorship election may have come and gone, but then It’s only logical to look back at the events preceding the November 18 conquest.

Saturday November 18, 2017 was a remarkable day for Anambra and indeed Anambrarians. Virtually all actors had a stake, it was a battle of not only who wins the election, but which political party supporters wins the bragging rights for the next four years.

The race appeared to be a THREE horse race from the word go – a race between the APC, APGA and PDP.

While I will not dwell much on the PDP, It is important to note that the hope of the supporters of APC and APGA were much hinged on Federal might and Incumbency factors respectively.

Having interacted with my friends in APC and APGA, it appeared that the general message from the camp of the APC was to connect Anambra to the center in other to make a paradigm shift from a platform that only had local relevance to one with national influence.

On the other hand, the message from the camp of the All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA) was, this is our own (Nke A Bu Nke Anyi). Team APGA for much of their campaign leveraged on the fact that APGA as a political party has its origin deeply rooted in the Igbo tribe – and this is without doubt.

While the other candidates was standing in for election, the incumbent Governor and the candidate of APGA, Chief Willie Obiano was faced with more than that.

On one hand, the Governor was faced with the possibility of having his party go into possible extinction upon his loss. On the other hand is him being disgraced by his predecessor, Mr Peter Obi who made clear his resolve to unseat the incumbent – this clearly indicated why the Governor deployed virtually all tools within his executive disposal to survive, and who wouldn’t?

While the Governor must be congratulated for his overwhelming victory and the polls, signifying a successful 4-years contract bid with Anambrarians, the opposition must be commended for bracing up to the challenge of the opposition, because as the opposition seeked to woo supporters to their fold, they highlighted certain gray areas in the APGA led government of the last four years, and this to a large extent opens the eyes of the government of the day and that of their supporters on where this government needs to improve moving forward. Of a truth, if the incumbent wants to leave a legacy for himself and his party, he should take some of the arguments raised by the opposition during the electioneering period into account.

We may have had a better candidate in Nwoye, Obaze or any other candidate, but considering the realities of the contending political parties, vis-a-vis their performances, both at the center and in states with similar profiles like Anambra, Anambrarians wanted to play safe, they wanted to ‘protect their own’, hence the miracle of 21 of 21.