Making the best of holidays for kids – Extraclass


Hippee!! The holidays are here. At least the kids can rest from all work and no play. However, parents can get tired because the kids just want to play. rather than send them out for some summer class why not use this period to get them busy.

Yes! Teach them some new things apart from school work. More about soft skills that will get their minds and hands busy.
Let them see other aspects of learning and let them learn what is not taught at schools.
Teach them house chores. How to cook. How to clean. How to keep things. Please spare them all the mathematics and English stuff, at least for while.
Even in learning, there must be a balance between theory and practise.
And if you are the get, busy parents, you can hire a private tutor or get a good summer camp where skills are taught.
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There are lots of advantages. It develops your kids both intellectually and physically. Kids learn faster through activities.
You might never know the best musician, dancer, Engineer, that the world has ever known might be discovered. Yes! It helps to discover talents, gifts that God has blessed the kids with.
It prepares the kids for the future. When kids get busy and learn skills and chores it helps them navigate through life as they grow.
And most importantly it helps the kids to bond with their parents. When you spend more time with your children, you get to know them more. And that’s the greatest beauty of parenting.
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