Like the morning star, each time the Amazon steps out she shines – By Kingsley Chukwuemeka Ubani

Like the morning star, each time the Amazon steps out she shines - By Kingsley Chukwuemeka Ubani
Senator Uche Ekwunife performing an oversight function as Chairman Senate Committee on Petroleum Downstream

Political contests are the height of every known contest. Every politically aware individual understands that the demands of this highly competitive game is huge. From the cost implication, the intrigue and suspense, to the name-calling, hate speeches and scheming.

Enjoying longivity in Nigeria’s dynamic political space requires a high level of smartness, agility and proactiveness – infact it requires a near immortalization of ones mindset.

But then, beyond being able to muscle your way into power lies the business of governance. Many have succeeded politically but have failed woefully in governance. The business of governance requires one’s ability to utilize their political skills to ensure that the best people occupy fitting positions and that decisions with the potential of maximum impact in the lives of the people are made.

Taking a retrospective survey at Senator Uche Ekwunife’s political journey, one can’t help but admire not just her political successes but the visible results of her previous representations.

Over the last decade, records have shown that each time Senator Uche Ekwunife throws her heart into a political contest, she does so with an exemplifying courage and a winning attitude. She has over time discovered the uniqueness of her woman nature. Like a mother Senator Ekwunife has managed to reproduce every seed she has received; she has equally maximized the opportunities that have come her way.

Anyanwu Nri as her people call her undertands that winning an election is only a part of the victory, while being able to meet the expectations and needs of the electorates, is the complimentary part. In one of her recent public outings she was quoted to have said that “Anambra central deserves a Senator that can touch lives beyond his immediate family or circle” – a statement of an unequivocal veracity and truism.

As calls for Senator Ekwunife to make a return to the political field ahead of 2019 heightens, with majority of the callers anchoring on her positive political antecedents as their rationale for asking her to once again contest for the Senate seat of Anambra Central, I believe the time is near for Anyanwu Nri to once again step out and shine for the good people of Anambra Central!