…it is our greatest way to celebrate the one who strategically died for us. – Dr. C. C Hyacent

    Dr. C. C. Hyacent

    “Everything surrounding Christ from the beginning to the end is summed up as the strategy of the Almighty for the redemption of man”, says Dr. C. C. Hyacent during his chat with Eyewitness Reporter in Abuja.  According to him, “Amazingly during all our celebrations in honor of our Saviour, emphasis are laid on the activities rather than on the purpose of it all which gives us the perspective of a strategic God in whose image we were created. Celebrating Christ simply means celebrating God’s most successful strategy in human rescue. Anyone celebrating resurrection without any strategy on how to rescue our generation and deliver that life which portrays God is a mere joke. What is your strategy for accomplishing personal and public goals? What’s the duration of your strategy? Is it one that generations after you will read about with wonder? How selfless is it?”

    Dr. C. C. Hyacent went further to relate his celebration corrective message to the state of the nation when he said, “Nigeria is in need of strategic men and women, this country and Africa is tired of clueless leadership and anti-strategic minds. The greatness of America, Europe and Asia are not Magical, they are projects of great minds, and these are the testimonies of strategic thinkers. We are in need of liberated and strategic minds to rescue our dying economy, we need such minds to bring reassurances to the citizenry of adequate security where the fear of terrorism will be minimal or completely absent. We need a strategist in leadership and not a complainant, we need value driven minds who are statistically acquainted with the required strategies for economic innovations.”

    He called on all Nigerians and Africa as a continent to begin to approach the celebration of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ as a divine call to become like Him. Let us become desperate for strategies that will change the tides of Nigeria and Africa, it is our greatest way to celebrate the one who strategically died for us. Plan to celebrate Christmas by implementing new strategies that can change NIGERIA and Africa for good. I love NIGERIA and I love Africa. Where do you stand and what are your plans? No more complaints.  It is time for actions.