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October 21, 2020
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Group Kicks off catch Them Young Movement, Sets School Entrepreneurship Clubs in Anambra

Startup Anambra
On Tuesday 19th day of March 2019, the StartupAnambra Unveiled  Catch Them Young Movement cum instituted an Entrepreneurship School Club at Beth-Roots Model School 3-3 Onitsha.

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Amarachi Okpala, the Team lead for the Catch them Young Program while speaking during the event stated that “Socio-economic implications of entrepreneurship and human capital development all over the world is seen as a booster for wealth creation, employment generation, living standard, poverty and crime reduction which have a direct impact on the national economy and the future of the country”.
“This programme we are launching today in your school today is aimed at encouraging innovative skills among your creatives as this will enhance entrepreneurship and enterprise development towards poverty reduction, talent discovery & incubation, skill acquisition, and employment generation. Age is not an option here”.

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Also Speaking at the event, Mr. Pascal Okeke, the Convener of Startup Anambra asked the students to cultivate the culture of learning a skill so as to be their own bosses right from primary and secondary schools stating that, they will in that way help their parents in facilitating their education. He encouraged them to be creative and also embrace technology as a viable tool for solving our societal challenges.
While telling them few stories, he further stated that“The development of any nation depends mainly on the creative capacities of the citizens to be capable of effectively exploring and exploiting the country’s natural resources and transforming them into finished products and services through value addition.

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“The main purpose of entrepreneurship for children in primary/secondary education is to encourage them to think of creativity and innovation as well discovering our societal needs and building solutions that address them,” he said.
With the proliferation of youth gang violence, teen drug use, sexual behavior, internet addiction, and other negative societal ills, we are driven to provide these programs as alternatives to combat the social problems that often promote and produce failure in the lives of the younger generation.
Also, several members of the team shared some nuggets about Sex education, Career, Leadership as well as how to fit into “While we are still young”.
To cap the inaugural event, the students were taught how to make Air Refreshers and detergents.
We listened to the students and their thoughts about the future and we were so optimistic about what the future holds for the Nigerian child. While we were wowed by the amazing feats already accomplished by these youngsters who belong to a country that has no proper structure that identifies and harnesses their talents early in life, I can’t help but feel a twinge of sadness at our situation in Nigeria.
As long as we continue to cut corners and fail to build a structure that identifies the potential in these young ones, and groom them for the future, we will continue to struggle on all fronts.
Read More about StartupAnambra, Our events, and programs as well as how you can get involved on our official website: https://www.startupanambra.com or follow us across social media @startupanambra
StartupAnambra Catch them Young Team
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