AUGUST 26: The Night we lost out in the APC Primaries, My Personal Experience and the man Andy Uba – by Kingsley Ubani

AUGUST 26: The Night we lost out in the APC Primaries, My Personal Experience and the man Andy Uba - by Kingsley Ubani

August 26, 2017 – the day of the APC governorship primaries was a hopeful day for me and indeed all members of our camp. Like a football team a match away from qualifying for the World Cup, we woke up confident and hopeful.

Considering the extent of work our team – the iSWAU media team put in to delivering the ticket to the aspirant we believed was best to fly it, we thought we were home and dry.

On my part as the coordinator of iSWAU media team, my Job was simply to coordinate our media strategies with the intention of disputing any ideology that were against ours and that of our principals. Selling and branding our candidate to attain acceptability in the eyes of the voting APC delegates was our keen interest.

I haven’t spent much years on the corridors of politics, however to the much I have, I’ve never witnessed such a competitive primary contest fitting for a final – a contest so competitive that I was happy for our democracy, for our dear state Anambra.

Every contesting camp were on their toes like never before. Ours consistently reviewed our strategies to be ahead of the competition. Day after day, night after night our media team were generating intellectual contents geared towards projecting our principal ahead of the pack. We don’t intend to score ourself but oh!, I know we were good at it. We were so consistent and committed to our course that I received calls from friends asking me how much we were being paid that has made us disturb the ‘peace’ of the social media space in the manner that we did.

On the day of the primaries, I and a few members of our team were in a situation room ensuring that the business of protecting unwarranted attacks on the image of our candidate was quickly escalated and dealt with by the larger crop of the team.

After the elections, the counting began and we were hopeful, hopeful that finally our hardwork and sleepless nights would pay off. After about 4 ballots out of about 20 on display, the results were not looking like it. In fact, we believed that the counting was yet to begin.

After about the 10th ballot, I had to switch off the television and quickly put a call to two friends of mine to come over with a video game, so we could use the TV for something else. After a while they arrived and we began to play. My friends took turns to beat me. Occasionally I will switch back the TV to watch the counting but we were still losing just as I was losing in the football video game.

After about the 16th ballot, we realized that it would only take a miracle for the counts to go in our favour. We had to accept our fate.

Looking back, in retrospect, I remain thankful and proud of our work as a team. The average age of our team should be about 25 years, but together we made appreciable impact, we created some political consciousness in ourselves and on those who followed us.

It is not news that 8 days from now, Anambra will make a fundamental decision that will redecide her collective fate for the next four years. Just like governance is performance oriented, politics is interest oriented. Many have pitched their tent of interest, putting in thorough work to actualize them.

To them, they are putting in enough work capable of guaranteeing victory on the 18th. However, the chances of any of the contending parties remain 50/50.

Without doubt, many have put in virtually everything on this governorship project -Time, Money and Effort. But whichever way you look at it, on the 18th of November, hopes will be dashed and dreams will be cut short. A political contest is a winner takes all affair – there will be no consolation prices for the losing parties.

But what remains important is that the success of this election will once again take the democracy of our state to the next level – a level of genuine competition that will guarantee the production of a quality and purposeful leadership.

In closing, I will like to spare some lines for distinguished Senator Andy Uba. I want to thank him for his interest in governing our state. Just like President Buhari kept on pressing to govern Nigeria, men like the Uga born Senator has continued to deepen our democracy, by over and over again engaging in political conquests. Those of us who have had contact with him know that his intentions are genuine, but then only God determines time and chance. I know he will try again, and quite frankly I encourage him to do so – our democracy will be happy for it, for challenging what is and offering what is not is the hallmark of an egalitarian society.

Kingsley Ubani
Awka, Anambra state

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