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November 18, 2019
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ARTICLE: Tony Nwoye, a social and political crusader, who fights for the common man – By Eneh Victor Chigozie

ARTICLE: Tony Nwoye, a social and political crusader, who fights for the common man - By Eneh Victor Chigozie

With so much talks about marginalization of Ndigbo. With so much agitation for Igbo emancipation from greedy Igbo leadership who have held us down. What Anambra needs now is a selfless ACTIVIST who will fight for us at all levels and return power to the people.

An activist a person who campaigns to bring about political or social change.

Tony Nwoye is an activist who has shown much courage in defending the rights of the people.

We need political and social change. It is time to drain the swamp. Nwoye has demonstrated his capacity to bring about the much desired political change in our region.

As a student activist, Tony fought for the rights of the students. As a student unionist, Tony brought igbo students together, formed a common front and demanded for the rights of igbo students in Nigeria. Tony united Igbo comrades.

Tony Nwoye was going to various universities to fight for the rights of Ndigbo. When the University of Benin disqualified Igboeli EnyindiIgbo Arinze from contesting the SUG president, because he is an igboman, Tony Nwoye went to the University of Benin to stand with him.

When some Igbo students were unjustly resuscitated in a northern university, Tony became their voice.

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When ESUT wickedly increased their school fees to over 500% and it became out of the reach of the poor, Tony led a social protest.

From UNIZIK to EBSU to UNN to FUTO to Uturu, Tony Nwoye was the voice of the students. He fought for the total emancipation and restoration of students rights. He became the voice of the Nigerian students. He engineered a social change in the Nigerian universities and stopped many ills within the University system.

Most importantly, in late 90s when students from Rivers, Edo and Delta invaded southeast through pre-degree/pre-science programmes, and introduced cultism into the universities in igboland, which ought to be a citadel of learning and place of excellence, the academic institutions became threatened, cultism became the order of the day, the University managements were helpless.

The act of student cultism spread like fire between 1996 and 2003. The govt looked the other way. The system became terrified, universities became a jungle, academic activities were disrupted, many schools shut down as a result cult wars, bright brains were shot, the lives of the lecturers were no longer guaranteed as many were murdered in cold blood.

Gentlemen, it was brave students like Tony Nwoye that mobilized genuine students and formed anti cult groups in collaboration with the University management and security agencies that helped to bring the ravaging social ill of cultism to a halt.

The anti cult organisations helped in restoring the system to a large extent where many students who unknowingly got themselves entangled into the act were saved. Many were bold to denounce openly, rejoined their families and returned to the class.

Like in a every other society where men of courage, who champion social and political changes and fight for the rights of the oppressed are brutally faced with all manner of persecution, intimation and abuse by the establishments, like in the case of Martin Luther King, Susan Brownell, Tom Paine, Liu Xiaobo, Comr Tony Nwoye was not an exception. The established university management cabals and lecturers who never wanted the rights of the oppressed students liberated went after him.

He was suspended, blackmailed and threatened. But he remained resolute to the freedom of the students.

When the challenge got so much, he left the University of Nigeria, Enugu Campus where he was a medical student and transferred to Ebonyi state university were he graduated.

Upon graduation, the comrade in him refused to give way and in 2004 constitutional Conference organised by the Obasanjo administration, Tony Nwoye was nominated to represent the students and the youths of Nigeria. While on that assignment, the crisis in PDP Anambra state became unbearable, Tony as a social and political crusader was again asked to step in as the state chairman of PDP Anambra State to stabilise the party.

He gave PDP a youthful face and brought a high level of sanity to the party.

There are so much to talk about Tony Nwoye. He has stepped in to challenge the establishment and help solve the plight of the common man.

He has street credibility, he is a grassroot politician, he is loved by the common man. He is a bridge between the top and the bottom.

Eneh Victor Chigozie is a political analyst

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