Anambra State 2018 Budget: Key highlights and Sector by Sector breakdown

Anambra State 2018 Budget: Key highlights and Sector by Sector breakdown
Governor Willie Obiano presenting the budget estimates to the State House of Assembly earlier today in Awka

Earlier today, the Governor of Anambra state, Chief Willie Obiano presented the 2018 appropriation bill to the State House of Assembly in Awka. The budget estimate was titled “the Budget for Value-for-Money, Economic Diversification and Job Creation”.

Total Budget Estimate proposed: N166.9bn

A. Recurrent Expenditure: N63.9bn

Recurrent Expenditure Highlights

– Personnel cost (Salaries etc.) – N21.6bn
– Pensions and Gratuities – N13.2bn
– Debt financing – N15bn
– Subvention and Overheads – N21.2bn

B. Capital Expenditure: N103.1bn

Capital Expenditure Highlights

1. Roads and InfrastructureN27.93bn
– Construction and rehabilitation – N25.7bn
– Maintenance – N1.2bn

2. Agriculture and related sectorsN3.8bn
N700m for procurement of Agro inputs
– To develop 1500 hectares of land across the state

3. Education9.5bn
– To create an education fund of N1bn

4. Youth EmpowermentN5bn
– To empower up to 10,000 youths through vocational, agricultural and artisan training programs as well as interest free loans.

5. Health – N7.8bn
– Boost state Health Insurance Scheme with N2bn
N1bn for construction and equipping of Anambra State Teaching Hospital

6. Small and Medium Enterprise Development – N1bn

– SME funding programs through Anambra State Small Business Agency (ASBA)
– To develop a modern SME industrial park

7. Water Resources and Public Utilities – N5.1bn
– To ensure that over 5000 households have access to pipe borne water

8. Community Social Development – N7.5bn
– Continue second phase of N20m choose your community project

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