Anambra Startup Masterclass – The Ultimate Guide For Young Startups/Existing Businesses.

Startup Masterclass

Anambra Startup Masterclass is a One day FREE event being organised by the StartupAnambra Community geared towards equipping young people, startups, Idea owners, business owners as well as whoever cares to come around with the right steps, information, strategies and skills to kick-start and run their innovative businesses successfully.

Masterclass Scope:
– Ideation, Prototyping, Development, launching and Traction.
– Branding Marketing and Sales.
– Startup Incorporation, Taxation and Policy’s.
– Pitching, Investment and Funding.
– Expansion, Maturity and Possible Exit

What Will I Learn in the Startup Masterclass?
– How to Ideate, Draw prototypes, Build a product/Business, Access the right funding and scale to Maturity.
– Build a highly profitable/successful Startup business.
– Learn how to Pitch your idea to venture capitalists, Investors, business angels and accelerator programs.
– Understand advanced sales management and market sector analysis.
– Write business plans with in depth financial accounting/Projections.
– Market your Startups/Products globally with advanced knowledge in physical & social media marketing.
– Learn about Business Incorporation, Taxation and Government Policies.
– Learn the best way to Brand Startups.

As a Participant, Nothing is required of you. All you need to do is to register online to RESERVE A SEAT, Come to the event venue at the said date with Your Questions, Pen and paper as our Handpicked facilitators who have been and has passed the current stage you/your business are now will be mentoring/speaking from their pool of experiences.

Remember: This is your once in a lifetime opportunity to learn from an industry/experienced experts who have built a highly profitable business/startups themselves.

YOU WILL NOT GET THIS KNOWLEDGE ANYWHERE ELSE BUT IN THIS ANAMBRA STARTUP MASTERCLASS. Even if you do, I am very sure it will not be less than $100.

Aside from the Scope listed above, They will show you how to Kickstart and market your company/Brand with zero capital, How to save money on office space, How to hire employees and what to look out for, and much much more.

This is the ultimate startup masterclass! From the beginning until the end packed with first-hand knowledge and amazing insights into the industry.

After the MasterClass, you will be able to build a SUCCESSFUL startup business from Scratch to Maturity. You will also be receiving FREE periodic online/offline supports/Mentorships.

If you want to build a 5-figure, 6-figure or even 7-figure business, then signup now to attend. The Signup Link is:

Who can Attend?
– Everyone who wants to build a consistently highly profitable startup.
– Everyone who is willing to put in hard work and long hours in order to achieve extra-ordinary business success.
– Everyone who have Ideas but are unsure of how to startup.
– Everyone who wishes to rewrite their entrepreneurship Story.
– Everyone who wants to Attend.

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