Anambra guber: Why the Odds Favour Tony Nwoye – by Paschal Candle

Anambra guber: Why the Odds Favour Tony Nwoye - by Paschal Candle
Tony Nwoye and Wife at the APC Grand Finale yesterday in Awka

Irrespective of the campaign of Calumny and pull him down syndrome being executed by the All Progressive Grand Alliance against the Candidature and Peoples’ choice, Dr Tony Nwoye, things keep looking up. The Medical Doctor turned activist and Legislator has been waxing stronger and becoming a household name among Ndi Anambra, especially the youths and women in the state.

This comes very astonishingly because rather distracting the All Progressive Congress, APC, Law-maker and Governorship Candidate; he gets more enabled by the war of attrition employed by the opposition. Of not is the super silence with which every political dart is met with, making it clearer that all that matter to Dr Tony Nwoye and APC is how to finish strong in the main election.

Whereas everyone in the contest aims at coming tops of any competitive exercise, but All Progressive Grand Alliance, Anambra State Chapter is engrossed in making issues out of where there is none. For Ndi Anambra, who craved for good governance, the deliberate disregard for issues as being displayed by APGA is akin to a disservice.

Therefore, the growing consensus, that the APGA prefers the creation of imaginary enemies to engaging in an issue based campaign that would afford Ndi Anambra the Opportunity to evaluate their would be Leaders. My findings in this regard, suggest that APGA’s apathetic disposition to issues affecting the average Anambra and Igbo man seems to be deeming whatever chances the APGA think it possesses.

The mood of state when placed side by side with the robustness of the APC Campaign and manifesto of Dr Tony Nwoye, indicate that party holds all the aces in this race. Specifically, the selling points identified to give the APC edge are but not limited to the following: the choice of its candidate, Dr Tony Nwoye’s personality and what he stands for, Dr Tony Nwoye’s vision, his experiences, performance of APC governors in states like Lagos, Ogun, Kaduna and APC’s wide support base in the country, its acceptance among ndi Anambra and Ndi igbo which was manifested with massive support and solidarity on the grand finale of Dr Tony Nwoye’s Governorship election and the need to align with the power at the centre in order to bring Ndi Igbo into the mainstream.

It is still considered that there couldn’t have been any better choice of successor to Mr Peter Obi in 2013 than Dr Tony Nwoye whose origin and disposition align with people’s expectations. One thing we cannot take away from any Governorship race in Anambra State is the Church factor, adding to the fact that Ndi Anambra are predominately Christians. These identified selling points, would be overwhelmingly influential in the race to produce real Peter Obi’s successor. As an informed commentator and participant in Anambra Politics, Dr Tony Nwoye is poised to benefit more from these factors.

On the Incubment’s performance index, every follower of Nigerian politics knows that it will be a key determinant feature but only when the Incumbent has performed above average, but here in Anambra, the reverse is the case. The reason for this prognosis could be found in the maxim that the performance of a political party determines its longevity. In this regard, APGA under Gov. Willie Obiano has performed woefully except in Agriculture, which needed much input.

On performance, even the blind, deaf and dumb can see, hear and talk about abysmal performance of Governor Willie Obiano. It is a common knowledge that preceding Obiano’s government, all The Governors have worked very well with the exception of Mbadinuju. Ezeife, Ngige and Peter Obi laid a solid foundation for modern Anambra State. But today, Anambra has gone to the days of Mbadinuju, the only difference is payment of salaries. The officials in this government has become so corrupt and one sided and insensitive to the plight of Anambra People, whose only offence was to listen to Peter Obi to elect someone form Anambra North as their Governor on his platform when there are other better options.

When Ngige and Peter Obi were on the throne, they addressed a number of issues affecting the people. Roads were attended to, schools were constructed and old ones were rehabilitated. The health sector was given enormous attention as a large number of hospitals in the state were adequately equipped and staffed to meet health outcomes of a modern society.

The urban renewal which cut across the three senatorial zones with much focus on Onitsha, Awka, Nnewi and even some remote areas did have a meaningful impact on the people of the state as it opened these areas and facilitated the ease of transporting items, particularly food produce from rural to urban areas. These two Governors were able on achieve these because they were on ground and understood that Politics is a call to service.

Today, these joys and story were not the same. Ndi Anambra have realized their mistakes and the questionis who will we trust again. The odds as it stands today favours a very young and dynamic man in the person of Dr Tony Nwoye.
Dr Tony Nwoye, a Medical Doctor by profession, a legislator representing Anambra East and West Federal Constituency in the Nigeria House of Representatives. Since Dr Tony Nwoye won His hard earned election at the Tribunal and court of Appeal and took that responsibility bestowed on him by the good people of that Constituency. He has made a tremendous progress in representing the people of that constituency and ndi Anambra in General.

He took it upon himself to carry the problem of Ndi Anambra North and Anambra State in general at the National Assembly. The Great Oyi of Oyi, I want you to be happy wherever you are because someone else has taken over from where you stopped.Dr Tony Nwoye has proven himself as a great son of Ndi Anambra and A Legislator Par Excellence.

He has proven that He is at the National Assembly for the good of Ndi Anambra and Her people. In less than two year plus some months in Office, Dr Tony Nwoye has sponsored a lot of bills and one of such bills is a Bill to declare Anambra, Kogi, and Enugu states as an Oil Producing states. Other Bills include A bill to authorise the provision of free pre-natal and post-natal health care bill for all pregnant women in the country; A motion calling for the dredging of Omabala River for economic prosperity of Omabala and Anambra people and Nigeria as a whole; A bill for an Act to Amend Niger Delta Development Commission Act to include Anambra State as a Member of NNDC; Bill seeking to establish a Federal University of Education, Nsugbe, Anambra State and so many others.

Since the end of APC Primary election. DR Tony Nwoye has been receiving a lot of endorsements from more critical Stakeholders, youth and women organisations. If this election is conducted today, Dr Tony Nwoye and APC will emerge victorious.

Paschal Candle,
A graduate of International Studies and Diplomacy, University of Benin, Writes from Awka, Anambra State.